5 of April, 2020
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The role of the CUSF, as derived from its Statutes, is double:
1) to provide the means and motivation to all the students of Cyprus to practice sports while promoting elite sports wherever possible
2) To promote and project Cyprus to the international student sports area.


The first role can be achieved through the recognition by the Ministry of Education and by the CSO (Cyprus Sports Organization) of the importance of this role, which only the CUSF can play in the society of Cyprus. On the other hand it is necessary to co-operate with various organizations in the society, which have a direct or indirect interest in the sports at the Tertiary education.

Ministry of Education
Efforts are being made towards the Ministry of Education to recognize officially the educational role of the CUSF and thus to subsidize its educational sports activities such as the establishment and operation of Student Sports Groups (SSG), specializing in one sport each, open to all interested students and each one operating under the guidance of a specialized trainer.

Cyprus Sports Organization (CSO)
The approval by the CSO of the annual budget of the CUSF on the basis of its planning instead of the results of participation in international championships would serve incredibly its role. Nevertheless the CUSF hasn't got any top level athletes of its own in order to benefit in any way from their success.
Also the establishment of the Student Sports Groups must be a part of the interest of the CSO, because it can offer a lot to the students of Cyprus with the adoption of the interest of the CSO, because it can offer a lot to the students of Cyprus with adoption of this activity.

Institutions of Tertiary Education (ITE)
The close co-operation of the CUSF with the Management of the ITE is more than necessary, since they both serve the students of Cyprus. Through this co-operation we aim at the improvement of the organization of our national championships.

To achieve this aim, we would like to see a better co-operation in the setting of the Examination dates, the creation of proper sports facilities by the ITE, which would be also used for the national championships, the participation of their teams in the national championships and the establishment and operation of the SSG (Student Sports Groups) for the benefit of all students.

Sports Federations
The CUSF also co-operates with the respective Sports Federations in order to facilitate the smooth running of the national university championships. The Sports Federations are expected to include the Universiade and the other World and European championships in their calendar and prepare their athletes accordingly.

Cyprus Youth Organization (CYO)
Our aim is to create strong bonds with the CYO so as to supplement each other in our common effort to serve the students of Cyprus. The CYO can prove to be a very big help in the exchange of students within the framework of the European programmes.