Wednesday 8 of April, 2020
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The second role can be achieved mainly through the co-operation of the CUSF with the International University Sports Federation (FISU), the European University Sports Association (EUSA) and the Committee for the Sports in Tertiary Education (EATE) of Greece.

The highest administrative body of FISU is its Executive Committee, which consists of 21 members. Our ambition is to promote an official of the CUSF to be elected as a member of this Committee and also the appointment of Cypriot representatives in some of FISU's commissions. Meanwhile the CUSF participates in the Universiade and other world university championships with national student teams as well as in the FISU Forum for university sports.

The highest administrative body of the EUSA is its Executive Committee, consisting of nine members. The President of the CUSF Mr. Dinos Pavlou has already been elected as the Vice President of EUSA until the end of 2003. Mr. Michalis Krashias has also been appointed as Technical Delegate of EUSA at the European Volleyball championships. The winners of our national championships, on the other hand, participate in the European University Championships.

Besides the participation in the international sports activities, the CUSF organizes in Cyprus both world championships and conferences as well us European ones.

The CUSF and EATE have co-operated closely for several years. In recognition of this excellent relation and to strengthen further their bonds, the two organizations decided to proceed in their fraternization in the year 2001. In this framework it was decided that Cyprus teams and students could participate in the Greek national university championships. It was also decided that the CUSF would organize in Cyprus, under the auspices of the CSO, the final phase of some of the Greek student national championships.